Here are links that were included in the "4 C's Centers."

ACTFL Executive Summary with description of CULTURES standards:
Read Rebecca Kline's wonderful Keynote relating to culture at the MaFLa/CT COLT Conference here.

Connecticut Italian Resource Center
Connecticut French Resource Center
Connecticut Spanish Resource Center
National Capital Language Resource Center's Culture Resource Page
Cherice Montgomery's Culture Page
Paris Granville's Awesome Article and Presentation on Culture
Anacleta's list of cultural links. Awesome!Click here.
Middle School Moment!
Online Interviews with Peruvian Teens Click here (thank you Cherice!)
El dia de los muertos teaching ideas Click here (thank you Cherice!)
Entire unit plan, including assessments, on Carnaval in the Dominican Republic by New Jersey teacher, Mercedes Asqui. Click here.

The Connecticut Department of Education Website for state Frameworks in all of the subject areas. #45443|Click here.
To learn more about the CMTs and CAPT tests, go to this Connecticut Department of Education website.
Authentic Materials Links: Access content only available in the target language through this NFLRC list. Click here
Middle School Moment!
Links for online lesson plans on social studies, history, and culture. In English, but could be adapted. Click here.
Entire unit, including assessments, on the Environment and Recycling from New Jersey teacher Madeline Quintana. Click here.
Terrific list of integrated units for connections to the Arts. Thanks to Laura for thislink.

Lynn Fulton's presentation that she did for us on Building Literacy in the FLES Curriculum, click here.
Cherice Montgomery's Terrific List of Story-based Instruction Resources, Click here.
Online Children's Book library, click here.
BARNGA. I love this game for introducing both staff and students to the concept of being in a new culture. You can modify it for students as young as fifth grade by playing with number cards, instead of playing cards. Click here
Rafa, Rafa - another cross-cultural simulation game meant for school-aged children Click here.
Middle School Moment!
Comparing meals in Spain and the U.S., Click here.
List of great songs in French, available only in French, probably best for upper grades. Click here.

Maloney Interdistrict Magnet School's Japanese Language and Culture Program website at home practice Click here.
The Global Playground. The terrific organization building schools around the world. They offer a Teacher Toolkit for making lessons. Click here.
Global Playground's Teacher Toolkit for teaching about their school projects, click here.
Cherice Montgomery's Service Learning Links, click here.
A really nice list of what one school is doing for yearly service-learning projects in the regular ed. classroom. It will inspire you! Click here.
Middle School Moment!
Carole Colburn's Corner has service learning project ideas for eighth graders, click here.
Video viewing: Watch two videos on the "Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop"
For "Engaging Communities" click here. and scroll down to the VOD box on workshop #8.
For "Hearing Authentic Voices" (8th graders working with native speakers), click here. and scroll down to the VoD box on number 14.