Classroom Management!

  • "A high-quality curriculum is an effective method of discipline," says Ann Tomlinson. "Students who feel that they belong, that they have a voice, and that they understand classroom routines are more engaged. Engagement gives them less of a reason to rebel."

Readings on Classroom Management

"Seven Tips for Better Class Management"

Check out Edutopia's page on Classroom Management and download their PDF on "Ten Tips for Classroom Management" here.

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Click on the book to purchase online. Excellent resource!

We also like "Teaching with Love and Logic", available here.

Favorite Videos on Classroom Management

The Story of Ron Clark - full length video!

I like the way this gentleman discusses student engagement and motivation tips.

Check out an 11 minute video called the "New Teacher Survival Guide to Classroom Management" here.

Here are the handouts from the presentation:

Other websites mentioned in this presentation:How to communicate with parents: for inviting parents to events:
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