2010 Connecticut World Languages Unit Creation InstituteIn the summer of 2010, thirteen Connecticut educators worked to create content-related world language units for grades K-10. View the units created during the institute at this page. See below for links that we used during the institute.


Download the Connnecticut World Languages Framework (2005) here.

Content-Based Instruction

What is content-based instruction (CBI)? Why CBI? How do you implement it? Here is an excellent learning module from the CARLA CoBaLTT Project: http://www.carla.umn.edu/cobaltt/cbi.html Thanks to the creators of this project for many of the materials and concepts used in this institute!

Content-Driven vs. Language-Driven programs chart created by Met (1999) and made digital by the CoBaLTT Project at CARLA here..

Continuum of program-types from language-driven to content-driven, based on the article by Met (1999) and made digital by the CoBaLTT Project at CARLA is here.

Rationale for CBI: Find the article: Grabe, W., & Stoller, F.L. (1997). "Content-Based Instruction: Research Foundations." In Snow, M.A. & Brinton, D.M. (eds.). The Content-Based Classroom: Perspectives on Integrating Language and Content (pp. 5-21). NY: Addison Wesley Longman Publishing Company here http://www.carla.umn.edu/cobaltt/modules/principles/grabe_stoller1997/foundation.pdf

Content Links
The Connecticut Department of Education Frameworks can all be found at this website:

Go to the 4 C's Centers Links page and scroll down to Connections, Comparisons, and Communities to view links that can help you brainstorm for your content-related units.

The ACTFL Integrated Performance Assessment. Read this excerpt from the CARLA CoBaLTT project and record your learning on the "Gimme Five" paper.
An extensive article describing the ACTFL Integrated Peformance Assessment can be found here.
New Jersey's World Languages Framework appendix on assessment is here.
The Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey project created Thematically Organized Assessments for various levels and topics here.
Assessing the 3 modes of communication: What's Important?
Save this slide to your computer and drag the words into the correct boxes. Copy and paste words you need more than once.

Writing Objectives
CARLA CoBaLTT project list of common problems when writing objectives: http://www.carla.umn.edu/cobaltt/modules/curriculum/problem_areas.html
Here is a wonderful chart of "content-obligatory" vs. "content compatible" language objectives, developed by Tara Fortune and Diane Tedick http://www.carla.umn.edu/cobaltt/modules/curriculum/features.pdf
Here is another description of "content-obligatory" vs. "content compatible" language: http://www.naldic.org.uk/ITTSEAL2/resource/readings/KS12Snow.htm
There is a list of language functions, again that you CoBaLTT! Here.
The NCLRC learning strategies document is here: http://www.nclrc.org/guides/HED/appendixA.html

DOCUMENTS that we used during the institute