Differentiation for World Language Teachers

Generic Differentiation Links
Start here if you want to learn the basic general definition of “Differentiation” and get a lot of practical ideas and strategies from Dr. Carol Tomlinson and other great authors in this field.

Dr. Carol Tomlinson’s website will lead you to more of her articles, books and presentations.

World Language-Specific
Toni Theisen has created a wonderful resource page on differentiation for world language teachers. Toni is a former ACTFL Teacher of the Year. Thank you Toni!

Multiple Intelligences Theory
Take an online Multiple Intelligences Test here.

Here is a very readable website outlining MI theory and talking about some critiques and benefits for the classroom.

Here is Howard Gardner’s own website at Harvard University. http://www.howardgardner.com/index.html

For background on Howard Gardner and MI theory, check out this article by Mark Smith.
'Howard Gardner and multiple intelligences', the encyclopedia of informal education, http://www.infed.org/thinkers/gardner.htm

World Language-Specific
Dr. Marjorie Hall Haley at George Mason University has done extensive research on MI Theory in the world language classroom. On this website, learn more about the research, read articles on the results, and see more links to resources. This is a terrific resource for world language teachers!

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