Links for Instruction
These are links to content, culture and language teaching websites. For technology tools, see the Links for Technology page.

See the "Staying in the Target Language" page for more.

POWERPOINTS and other materials from ACTFL's regional workshops can be found here. Topics such as Alignment to CCSS, use of the target language, performance tasks, etc.

Here is a great list of ideas for using video with English language learners, but it would apply perfectly to WL learners.

Check out this website that assists teachers in making the case for teaching languages to special needs students and offers ideas for modifications, etc.

Thinking about all of the reward systems being used in our schools now? Check out Alfie Kohn's interesting perspective on it:


Here is a website in which teachers blog about embedded reading activites. Lots of current events discussed here:

All of the fomer New York Regents (including some authentic reading exercise) are available here.

Links to Authentic Listening Materials Awesome listening/viewing videos with native Spanish speakers, listed by proficiency level. Thanks to Karen M. for this link!

UNESCO Learning Site - check the videos and you'll find some in various languages - these are beautiful and are not blocked at school. Poetry is READ to students in many languages. French Song and music resources. The Italian Resource Center has many resourcesf or teachers of Italian! An online interview with a Peruvian teen. Higher levels have authentic conversations in Spanish. Resources in all languages. List of French Radio and TV links
Great list of links for French listening comprehension tasks.
Excellent list of links for Spanish and French teachers, including resources on which you can find great authentic interpretive tasks.
The National Capital Language Resource Center’s list of online authentic materials by language. Also, look around this website for lots of other links.
An amazing website that has video of dialogues in various dialects in many languages. They are usually divided into topics such as those you might be teaching (greetings, restaurant, etc.)

French Film Resources (from FLTeach!)

Links to Authentic Reading Materials

NEW! Check out this wonderful website devoted exclusively to authentic materials resources. Of the many great pages on this website, I love the one on Culture and History-related Spanish authentic materials.

Online French Magazine at

Collection of online biographies in Spanish!

Infographics in Spanish!

Italian Infographics! (Spanish Poetry) (Italian Poetry)

Taller hispano is designed to identify appropriate and authentic materials and Spanish resources on the net that relate to selected cultural themes, topics, and vocabulary presented in "Destinos" and similar textbooks. (description from the website) Teaching materials in various languages.

Graphic Organizers - Great to use for all Tasks Free printable organizers, including a sample "facebook" page.
Tons of graphic organizers for all levels and topic areas.
Article on the use of graphic organizers in world languages instruction, with examples.

More Links!
Cherice Montgomery's new wiki devoted to the teaching of culture in world language classes. Outstanding! brand new website in which teachers can buy other teachers’ materials. Sounds like an interesting way to earn money and spend money! There aren’t too many world language activities yet – why not write some? books in translation, in many languages including Spanish, French, and Arabic. Des Moines, Iowa Community Schools schools foreign language site. Click to enter the FLES curriculum library or community outreach library and view lots of pre-made books, worksheets, etc. online. Wow! Great list describes the Mutliple Intelligences and gives some ideas for foreign language classorm. Excellent description of Howard Gardner and the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.
Embassy of Spain publication for multicultural education. Units in Spanish on common themes in the world language classroom.
South American Capitals Game:

Lots of games at or create your own! The Foreign Language Educator’s of New Jersey have put together sample units complete with assessments in many topic areas. Terrific resource!
Great Web 2.0 tools for ideas for lessons and instructions on how to use them too!
These modules are designed for current practicing generalist elementary school teachers who have a desire to learn/improve their Spanish language skills and use it in their teaching. The goal of SEEDS is to provide teachers with a range of classroom activities through which to learn aspects of Spanish/Hispanic language & culture and then use these very same activities in their own classrooms in all curriculum areas.

Links to all areas of foreign language and culture in many languagesSuper Language Page Activities and resouces for Spanish instruction. Activities and free download free pictures. A free website with no sign-up that allows you to use/create flash templates for a variety of classroom uses. Can be embeddedin wikis, websites and blogs here

Go to this site to create Jeopardy games. Free on-line template that can be downloaded.
From an email list on foreign language learning in Grades K-8. Designed for parents, teachers and administrators