Favorite Technology Tools and Hints:
These are websites that tell us about how to use technology or as great technology tools. Please see the Instruction Links for anything that relates to teaching content.

General Tech Links

A terrific blog about effectively using technology in your classroom is done by Tammy Worcester Tang. Some of her popular posts include how to make self-checking quizzes and how to print onto post-it notes!

Awesome list of cool tools for schools
is here: http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/
Cherice Montgomery's List of cool tools is here: http://teensntech.wikispaces.com/Cool+Tech+Tools
Cherice Montgomery's Wiki on "21st Century Technologies" is here.

Current Favorite Technology Tools

New! How to use Skype in world language classrooms. Article and presentation here.

www.dropbox.com - Free online and desktop file storage. Save to one computer and your file shows up on all of your computers that you have dropbox installed on, including iPads and mobile devices. The file is also uploaded automatically to your web-based account so you can access it from any computer. Goodbye flashdrives!!

www.evernote.com - Create notes that are completely searchable and sync to all of your computers that you have Evernote downloaded on. You can type in the notes, or clip from websites, or save to Evernote from your email. I use this to organize everything in now- from my methods course, to recipes, to home improvement projects!

Downloading YouTube Videos at home for use at school: New Information!

1. www.zamar.com is no longer allowing video downloads from YouTube!
2. Here is one professor's suggestion for how to download videos with very complete directions.
3. Others have recommended www.keepvid.com and www.savevid.com
4. Be sure to save your file to a flash drive or dropbox account so that you can access it at school.

Working with Wikis!

Wikispaces for educators! Start here: http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers
This is a video on how to get started with Wikis here.
Watch the Wikis in Plain English video here.
Another generic Wiki explanation is here.
Super slideshow of all the details of setting up and using a wikispaces website here.
Learn how to embed a video on your wiki here.
See the list of great Wiki examples on this website.
More great Wiki examples here.
Check out Jessica and Kazumi's wiki here.
Here is a list of examples of educational wikis.
A list of "10 Best Practices for using Wiki's in Education" is here.


New! Online PDF creator. http://www.pdfconverter.com/convert-to-pdf-online-free/

Here is a list of the Best Apps for Foreign Language instruction, developed during at langchat session.

A list of online programs for "recording, uploading, mixing, and interacting" with audio for languages!

http://www.pixton.com/ is where you can make comics. You could make a blank one for teachers to fill in.

Use this website to compare various free web 2.0 tools, organized by what you intend to use them for.

Keep your favorite websites saved so that you can use them anywhere! Save bookmarks on http://delicious.com/

NEW! Integrating Social Networking tools in the Foreign Language Classroom. Check out this beautifully made website by Jennifer Adams.

Great Summary of Web 2.0 Tools for World Language Teachers by Lori Langer de Ramirez! http://www.miscositas.com/webtools.html

Check out the features of Google Voice! You can get a new phone number, have students call and leave messages, save their messages, play their messages, embed them on your wiki, or email them to parents. Wow!!! Learn all about it here.

Here ia a website created by Northern Virginia University STARTALK Institute. It is great! It has explanations for how to use many of the technology tools we talked about.

http://eganscorner.wikispaces.com/ Great Web 2.0 tools for ideas for lessons and instructions on how to use them too!
http://learningscience.org/A free and open learning community for sharing newer and emerging tools to teach science.
This website offers interactive French lessons http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/french/mafrance/ about different areas and aspects of French life, language, and grammar.

Sharing and Embedding Powerpoints
www.authorstream.com (with audio)
Record your desk top (Powerpoint too!) with http://www.jingproject.com/ then automatically upload and embed in your Wiki!!! Wow!

21st Century Skills
Read Mark Prensky's list of Essential 21st Century skills here. Click on the discussion page tab above.
Partnership for 21st Century Skills website is here.
The printed PDF version of the 21st Century Skills Framework that you received is downloadable on this page

Cool Online Technology Tools
Create blow-your-mind presentations (instead of Powerpoint) at www.prezi.com
GREAT glogster poster about integrating web 2.0 in your classrom is here.
COPYRIGHT chart for teachers is found here.
Get your photos/audio off of Creative Commonshere.
Great list of web 2.0 tools by teacher here.
Free audio clips: http://www.freesound.org/
Compare 2 items in chart form with Diffen
Students upload photos and text to make collage like powerpoint here.
This site is great for recording audio with your digital pictures. Call in and record using your cell phone. Yodio

This is a great website sponsored by Barnes and Noble. Kids can upload their own text and drawings, and then make their own book. They can then embed their book in an E-mail, a website, or a blog. Not only that, they can order a hard copy of their book for a really low price.
Teachers can also register for free accounts, and there is a space for teachers to create free accounts for their students. They can enroll whole classes into the Tikatok site.

Recording Audio
Digital Voice Recorders Sony Olympus
iPod Nano's are here.
Audacity free audio recorder and editor is here..
Create your own talking AVATAR at Voki! http://www.voki.com/Here is an online tutorial of how to use Voki's and Podcasts in the classroom.
VoiceThread http://voicethread.com/Online asynchronous chatting can be done on VoiceThread. See some absolutely super Voicethread examples at the CARLA website here.
Digital Storytelling: Use Photostory 3 for Windows Here It is a free download software. You can upload photos, write captions, record voice, create music and publish to Windows Media Player. Very user friendly even for younger students. Download their teacher storytelling guide here.

Recording Video
FLIP cameras are explained Here
iPod Nano's are here.

Other super-cool tools:
Download Google Earth at http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html
Animoto! Create cool slide shows with music and text in seconds http://animoto.com/
Glogster! Create online posters with links and video! http://www.glogster.com/
Zeta iMTranslator: Cut and paste any text into the box and it will SAY it to you!
Brainstorm your Unit Online http://bubbl.us/
Make Your Own
Comics! Make online comic strips! http://makebeliefscomix.com/
Make Your Own Brochure!http://www.mybrochuremaker.com/

Enhancing World Language Instruction Through Technology
Online samples of various languages (keep clicking until you get to a name). Here

Let's make a VOKI!
1. Go to the VOKIwebsite.
2. Cindy Kendall's Terrific "Connect To Tech" Links Here (voki examples, voicethread examples, all about making wikis).
3. Here is a YouTube video on How to Make a Voki
4. Printable document on getting started with Vokis.
5. Nice website on "Voki's in Education."
Polling, surveying, creating games and testing online:

Technology Fill-In
If you want to type it in yourself, download the technology fill-in sheet here:

Make your own website:


GREAT WEBSITE EXAMPLES by World Language Teachers


Spanish - Awesome teacher blog written by a Spanish teacher for Spanish teachers.

French - Great teacher blog and resources page.