Reading and Listening: Developing Interpretive Skills

World languages can support Common Core Standards by teaching students interpretive strategies. When you use authentic reading and listening materials, students are exposed to rich culture, content, and language in an engaging context. Find resources here to develop students' interpretive skills.

Understanding the Common Core Standards

Paul Sandrock discusses how world language classes support the Common Core in his October 2012 article in the NCLRC Newsletter at

Learn all about the Common Core State Standards at the main website

Achieve the Core is the website being used by many Connecticut school systems, including New Haven.

The English Language arts standards can be found here. If you teach K-8, take a look at the grade 3 Reading and the grade 3 Speaking and Listening sections for instant ideas on what we can do in world language classes.

Look through this list of free resources for teaching the Common Core ELA standards in third grade to get ideas for activities you can do in LCTL classes .

Follow Linda Murphy on Pinterest where she collects free resources for teaching to the Common Core

TRY OUT the SmarterBalanced Assessments for ELA Literacy here.

Reading in World Language Classes

There is a an excellent module on teaching Reading in Foreign Language classes by Janet Swaffar, Professor of Germanic Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, at

Learn more about developing comprehension questions in this article by Richard R. Day (University of Hawai`i at Manoa) and Jeong-suk Park (Gyeongsang National University) at

Here is a website in which teachers blog about embedded reading activites. Lots of current events discussed here:

Links to Online Authentic Reading and Listening Materials


The Ohio Department of Education has an amazing website with links to Authentic Resources documents in many languages.

All of the New York Regents are now available online here.

Check out for teaching materials in various languages.

Go to for children's books in translation.

MamaLisa often blogs about various authentic texts in different languages.

Poetry read to students in many languages can be found here.

Arabic, Italian, and Japanese teachers can find resources from the Five Colleges Center.

This blog about using infographics in language classes also has links to lots of infographic examples.


Hundreds of videos recorded by native speakers and organized by level and topic can be found on the University of Texas at Austin website.

Check out this wonderful website devoted exclusively to authentic materials resources. Of the many great pages on this website, I love the one on Culture and History-related Spanish authentic materials.

Collection of online biographies in Spanish!

Taller hispano is designed to identify appropriate and authentic materials and Spanish resources on the net that relate to selected cultural themes, topics, and vocabulary presented in "Destinos" and similar textbooks. (description from the website)

Spanish poetry at

Infographics in Spanish!

Articles about the "coqui" in Puerto Rico in Spanish!


Links to both texts and "voice" here.
Lots of ideas from the Confucius Institute.
This list includes links to some authentic material sites, such as BBC in Mandarin. Go here.
These look to be high level texts from the newspaper, but maybe you could take an excerpt?


List of Best Arabic websites here.

Poetry sites

Arabic Poems
Arab Gateway Poetry Page


Great ideas for using poetry in Latin classes here.
Here is a list of Latin blogs. I bet you could find good links within them.


Italian Infographics!

Italian Poetry at
Speaking Italian in Italy videos here.
Go to this website and choose the dropdown menu COMMON CORE/SLOs and then choose Sample Texts, Italian. A zip file with a video and two lessons will download to your computer.


Excellent links available at:
Here is an authentic French listening on Daily Routine.
A school lunch menu in French!
Online French Magazine at

French Film Resources (from FLTeach!)

Graphic Organizers - Great to use for all Tasks Free printable organizers, including a sample "facebook" page.
Tons of graphic organizers for all levels and topic areas.
Article on the use of graphic organizers in world languages instruction, with examples.

"Perfect" Book and Poetry Recommendations for World Language Classes


external image 21BYG1PHW2L._.jpg
Kornei Chukovsky 1882‐1969 wrote "Telephone" (click on the image to buy the English version on Amazon). In Russian, it is a "perfect" book for language classes!

Read Samuel Yakovlevich Marshak's (1887-1964) poetry in Russian here


あかちゃんのあそびえほん*ボ-ドブック<br> ごあいさつあそび
あかちゃんのあそびえほん*ボ-ドブック<br> ごあいさつあそび
ごあいさつあそび is one of our all-time favorites at Maloney. Click on the image to buy it at Kinokuniya Bookstore

external image 61D3OOIF8uL._SS500_.jpg
でてこいミルクis not an original Japanese story, but as a book, it is perfect in Japanese! A city-boy tries hard to milk a cow! Something he has never done before.... Click on the image to purchase online.


Mirik Snir - Yesh Achbar BaBayit - There's A Mouse In The House
Mirik Snir - Yesh Achbar BaBayit - There's A Mouse In The House
"Yesh Achbar Babayit" (there's a mouse in the house) by Mirik Snir. Click on the image to buy the book online.

"Eliezer v'haGezer" (Eliezer and the Carrot) by Levin Kipnes

"Ma-aseh Bachamisha Balonim" (A tale of 5 Baloons) by Miriam Roth