Summer Travel

Here are some activities you can do with your students on Summer Travel Trips. These examples are for Japan, but feel free to change them for your language. Read an explanation of each of these in the Presidents' Message of the May Newsletter of the American Association of Teachers of Japanese at


Record yourself....

Require students to use their phones, iPods, etc. to record themselves having authentic conversations that they will hand it/send to you. Here is a sample list of what you could ask students to record:
1. You introducing yourself to someone.
2. You talking about your family with someone.
3. You discussing foods and/or the foods you are eating with someone.
4. You ordering in a restaurant.
5. You discussing your hobbies with someone.
6. You learning about a famous site that you are visiting, and asking questions in the target language to your guide/friend, etc.
7. You discussing what train to take with someone (or asking someone for help).
8. You discussing a more difficult topic, such as politics, the environment, or a piece of art with someone.